I modeled and textured (color, bump) this creature's saddle. The model was used in the animated short Dustbin 10. Displayed here is the 11k poly version, it could have easily been modeled at a third of the polys if needed. But we were going for cinematic so I left the count where it looked best.
This is work in progress model of the main character, Sphereguy, from a new animated short I am working on.
This model was created for a potential project that never happened. The guy on the sign is fully rigged and model for animation, each letter on the sign is also moveable. Also the grass is made with fur and the scene is lit for mental ray with an occlusion pass.
I modeled this concept gun as seperate parts at cinematic quality to test a gun muzzle flare effect for production. The muzzle flare was also modeled so I could control the specific shape and then rigged so it and the lights could be key on and off together. With more time for this I would have liked to have made sparks in the flare and smoke/steam for after.