| Educator | Instructional Design | CG Artist | Art Director | Graphic Designer |

Through my professional career, I have had the pleasure of working in many different fields as a Creative and Educator.

While working as a professor for 10+ years I developed courses and projects in the creative fields of animation and game design. Using the fundamentals of instructional design, video editing, and graphic design I would create the learning assets, multimedia content and education materials I needed focusing on Micro-learning parameters.

And as a CG Artist myself I have worked in a variety of different fields, from commercial to film, and consider myself specialized generalist. Though this experience I have been able to gain the knowledge to critically think through any problems. As well as use my adaptability to learn new tools or skills needed to make the best possible shippable product.

While here please take a look at my Portfolio Gallery through the link above, then please feel free to contact me so we can start your next project.