[Web Designer]
Mockup website design meant to look like a overhead view of a workspace. [Web Designer]
Website design was for a wedding celebration, incorporated specific colors and a joyful party vibe. [Web Designer]
Portfolio website redesign for a more edgey and visually interesting look. [Web Designer]
Mockup website design was for a company involved with water purification and technology. Client asked for clean, simple and easily read, as minimal as possible. [Web Designer]
Portfolio website design needed to be a representation of the artist's style. [Web Designer]
Website design with realistic textures and 3D objects that referred to the work the studio did. Meant to mostly black and white to represent bleakness and winter. [Web Designer]
Clean and simple website design with a bright single color scheme. Contained a scripted gimmick to make the t-shirt design change on each page load.